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It was a pleasure to attend the BisNow event on April 28th.  I was excited to hear from Hemanshu Parwani "HP", CEO of Olson Kundig as the Keynote speaker. The discussion about Placemaking and the waterfront social interconnectedness was as if they where speaking directly about our project. An unexpected meeting with part of the West Coast Team from Gaggenau happened as well as they had a booth in the lobby.  

Daily Journal of Commerce  - By Eric J. Petersen Sustainable materials will be a focal point, and an integral part of the building's identity. Behind every Living Building is an ambitious vision, an integrated design approach coordinated across all disciplines, and a team committed to making that vision a reality. But a building that meets the world's most rigorous performance standards also requires a team well versed in green building practices, with deep technical knowledge of sustainable design and construction solutions, and the ability to think holistically about how to achieve

On Friday, April 22, the State Building Code Council voted 11-3 to pass the strongest climate-friendly commercial and large multifamily energy code in the nation! A number of key efficiency and electrification proposals were adopted, including requiring heat pumps for space and water heating in nearly all new commercial and large multifamily buildings, electric-ready provisions, and increased solar-readiness and use of renewables. The code updates, which are set to take effect in July 2023, will impact all new commercial buildings in Washington including multi-family residences four-stories and taller. Press Release:  Washington State

Tacoma business leaders see opportunities coming out of Covid By Cathy Duchamp for The Business Journal. Despite a labor shortage and high office vacancy rates, Tacoma business leaders are bullish on the city's strength coming out of the pandemic. Covid created uncertainty, ambiguity and risk for the business community. But it also created the opportunity "to create a different community" and for different organizations to find different opportunities, said Bill Robertson, CEO of Tacoma-based MultiCare Health System. The message resonated with the gathering of more than a hundred South Sound business leaders at the Tacoma

The South Sound’s Luxury Real Estate Market Was Hot in 2021. How Might 2022 Fare?  By Blake Perterson The end of 2021 saw the sale of a Pierce County property many a real estate agent would consider a career highlight. The $6.25 million home, roosted on the shores of Lake Tapps’ Snag Island community, created a unique experience for the mother-son agent team, John L. Scott’s Kimber Lee and Bryce Lee, supervising its sale. As the pair recalled in a January interview with South Sound Business, the 5-bedroom, 6.25-bathroom, 10,000-square-foot-plus property was categorically