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Ship Lofts will be a transportation hub for it's condo owners with EV car parking, bikes, eVTOL landing pad on the roof, direct access to boat mooring, nearly 5 mile of Esplanade with light rail just blocks away. We've been in discussion about the next addition to the mix: an electric passenger ferry to Tacoma, championed by Pierce County Councilmember Ryan Mello. Projects throughout the Puget Sound region are working to bring back the mosquito fleet with faster, eco sustainable solutions, making it a viable and more enjoyable option of transportation when

We had the pleasure to be invited to a fundraising event for Danica Roem that included almost all of the politicians for our development site: the Mayor of Tacoma Victoria Woodards, Pierce County Councilmember Ryan Mello, Speaker of the House for the State of Washington Laurie Jinkins, U.S. Senator Derek Kilmer, as well as many other interesting parties from the local community.  As a local news article was released on the same day in the Tacoma Daily Index, the reception was very well received by all for our project on

Welcome to your next “Am I really in Tacoma?” experience By Morf Morford,  Tacoma Daily Index Tacoma’s history, if not landscape, is dense with visionary ideas – some even come to fruition. Point Ruston is one of those. UWT in downtown Tacoma is another. Tacoma, especially the downtown section, is packed with remnants of dreams and visions of the future anchored in the realities – if not physical materials of the past. These buildings were the manifestation of some (literal) ground-breaking builders, makers and entrepreneurs of Tacoma. Brick and stone monuments to a set of

Ship Lofts members attended a meeting with our District 2 Councilmember Sarah Rumbaugh and a Tacoma Police Department Commander to discus the crime and safety issues facing the residence and businesses on Dock Street. It was a heated discussion, but we do believe the City is making a best effort addressing our needs.